Welcome to the homepage of this masa-aki. A work is only shown here. The work of masa-aki doesn't do a sale. Masa-aki is a Japanese artist. He lives in Kobe City which a big earthquake disaster hit in 1995. As for him, it is a dream to hold a private exhibition from now in America and Europe. The one that it wants to arrange his private exhibition is to send mail.

 あなた自身の潜在意識を 白い紙やキャンバスの上に、自由に、無意識に、無我夢中に表現することです。デッサンや写生の技術などにとらわれる必要はありません。又、テーマがどうの、モチーフがどうのという世界とは全く無縁です。
 たとえば…、あなたを、今から 外からカギのかかる部屋に 閉じこめるとします。小さな部屋です。トイレは中にあります。水と食事は毎日3回差し入れられます。1週間はなにもせずに過ごせるでしょう。8日目から紙とクレパスを差し入れます。その日からあなたは間違いなく絵を描きはじめるでしょう。そして1年経てばその部屋は絵で埋め尽くされています。その世界はデッサンや写生とは無縁の、全てあなたの内面にある潜在意識から生み出された表現なのです。

Free Painting Art is your artistic paintings that absorbed in expressing your sub-consciousness on a white plain paper or canvas, without any constraint and being aware of. You don’t need feel suppressed by the skill of drawing or sketching. Also, it is far from the world such as a theme or a motif.
Assume that you are shut in a room which is locked from the outside. A small room. A bathroom is inside the room. Water and meals are served three times a day. You can live doing nothing for an initial week. On the eighth day, a box of crayons and some sheets of paper are provided. From the moment, you will surely start painting. One year later, the room must be filled with your paintings throughout. The world is totally unrelated to drawing or sketching. The world is altogether the expression coming from your inherent sub-consciousness.

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