写真は1991年の4月に神戸の元町周辺で撮りました。 これは、すべて汚い壁です。 でも、ビルの壁は或る意味で地球の表面です。 宇宙飛行士が撮った地球の写真と似たところがあります。 大自然、大宇宙が作り出す造形はミクロもマクロも同じなのです。

A picture was taken around Motomachi of Kobe in April in 1991. This is a completely dirty wall. However, the wall of the building is on the surface of the earth in a certain meaning. There is a place where it looks like the photograph of the earth of which an astronaut took a picture. As for the molding which nature, the big universe create, both the microcosm and the macrocosm are the same.

001 壁−1    
002 壁−2    
003 壁−3    
004 壁−4    
005 壁−5    
006 壁−6    
007 壁−7    
008 壁−8    
009 壁−9